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The Virtus Wealth Masters Fund seeks to track the performance of the Horizon Kinetics ISE Wealth Index, which is composed of publicly-listed companies owned and operated by the wealthiest, most successful investors, business executives, and entrepreneurs in the United States. The Fund allows investors to readily, and effectively, leverage the business acumen of the highly-skilled individuals represented in the Index.

Investment Thesis:

There is a clear, distinct correlation between a company's performance and the wealth of its leader, when the significantly wealthy manage a business.


The Virtus Wealth Masters Fund gives investors the opportunity to align their investment interests with the wealthy as they manage their companies.

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Rules-Based Investing

The Virtus Wealth Masters Fund invests exclusively in companies that meet the following rigorous criteria:
  • Publicly-traded
  • Real business operations
  • Run by executives of significant wealth

A number of qualifying companies are iconic, household names in the U.S. and include:

Companies shown are holdings of the Virtus Wealth Masters Fund as of 9/30/13 and are the ten largest holdings by market cap. Holdings are subject to change. The trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners.