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12/11/11Virtus affiliates are new investment managers of Total Return Fund
 Virtus has completed the adoption of the former DCA Total Return Fund (NYSE: DCA).

11/07/112011 Year End Capital Gains Estimates as of Oct. 31, 2011

11/01/11Virtus announces third quarter 2011 financial results
 Virtus delivered its best quarter as a public company for total sales, net flows, operating income, as adjusted, and related margin, despite the challenging financial markets in the third quarter.

10/25/11Virtus to announce third quarter 2011 financial results Nov. 1

09/08/11DPG closed-end fund to host conference call September 13
 Conference call about the Duff & Phelps Global Utility Income Fund Inc. (NYSE: DPG) on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 4:15 p.m. Eastern.

09/01/11Terranova's monthly calendar provides key economic indicators for investors
 Virtus marks first anniversary of calendar of key economic indicators

08/01/11Virtus announces second quarter 2011 financial results
 Operating income, as adjusted, increased to $10.3 Million; assets under management grew to $33.3 billion

07/29/11Conference call for second quarter financial results on Wednesday, August 3
 Conference call with the investment community on Wednesday, August 3 at 11 a.m. Eastern.

07/26/11Duff & Phelps Investment Management raises $735 million for new DPG closed-end fund
 New closed-end fund is one of largest offerings of 2011

07/11/11Foreman joins Kayne Anderson Rudnick as director of equities
 Douglas Foreman, a 25-year veteran of the investment industry, has joined Virtus affiliate Kayne Anderson Rudnick as director of equities.

06/01/11Dave Albrycht joins Virtus as CIO, Multi-Sector Strategies
 David L. Albrycht has joined Virtus in a new position as chief investment officer, Multi-Sector Fixed Income Strategies, at Virtus' affiliate, Newfleet Asset Management.

05/02/11Virtus announces first quarter operating income, as adjusted, of $7.0 million
 First quarter results include 61% sequential increase in mutal fund sales.

03/15/11Today’s FOMC statement takes a backseat to the devastation in Japan
 While our thoughts and prayers remain focused on the people of Japan, the Fed meeting schedule marched inexorably onward.

02/23/11Deflationary Impact of the Oil Shock
 Just as emotion is gripping the Middle East, so too has it been reintroduced back into the markets as the economic implications of higher oil prices become the hot topic of debate.

02/22/11Virtus launches ad campaign
 Investors have questions and Virtus has answers in a new ad campaign

02/17/11Mark Flynn joins Virtus as executive vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer
 Mark S. Flynn has joined the company in a new position as executive vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer

02/08/11Sloppy 3 Year Auction Leads to Some Sloppy Thinking
 Yesterday’s back-up in Treasury yields has been widely attributed to a relatively weak auction where dealers were presumably left holding the bag.

02/01/11Virtus adjusted operating income increases to $7.1 million in fourth quarter
 Virtus reported fourth quarter 2010 results that demonstrated continued improvement in all key business metrics, including strong sales and net flows, and further improvement in operating income, as adjusted, and operating margin, as adjusted.

01/30/11Virtus Earnings Conference Call Feb. 2

01/28/11Terranova sees favorable market 'tailwinds'

01/18/11Zweig Total Return Fund issues 29.5 million shares in rights offering

01/10/11Zweig Total Return Fund (ZTR) completes rights offering.