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10 Things I'll Be Watching Closely in 2021

By Michael Batnick
The Irrelevant Investor

2020 was the wildest year in the stock market that any of us have ever seen. We had two of the five worst days ever, the fastest bear market ever, and the fastest recovery ever. Today I want to look forward and talk about some of the things I’m thinking about for 2021.

  1. Will the Nasdaq ever fall?
  2. Will concentration continue?
  3. Will value come back?
  4. Will the stocks that benefited the most from Covid continue to outperform?
  5. Irrational Behavior
  6. Is this the year the 60/40 finally dies?
  7. Where does the dollar go?
  8. Will we see more institutional adoption of Bitcoin?
  9. Will the yield curve continue to steepen?
  10. What’s next in the democratization of finance

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