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Drawdowns & Melt-Ups: The Year That Was in the Markets

By Ben Carlson, CFA
A Wealth of Common Sense

Someone will always be richer, or have better performance numbers, or pick better stocks than you. Even people who seem like they don’t deserve it. Life isn’t fair, nor are the markets.

It’s worth remembering what your personal goals and circumstances are when you hear so many people bragging about how much money they made or how huge their returns have been. As long as you stayed true to your investment plan and continued making progress towards your personal and financial goals, that’s a win in my book.

2020 may look easy with the benefit of hindsight, but it most certainly was not for those of us who lived through it. If you survived 2020 as an investor without making an avoidable or unnecessary mistake, you outperformed this year.

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