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Post U.S. Election Update: Holding True to Quality

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Vontobel Asset Management serves as subadviser to the Virtus Emerging Markets Opportunities, Virtus Foreign Opportunities, Virtus Global Opportunities, and Virtus Greater European Opportunities Funds.

As the world digests the outcome of the U.S. election and the implications for trade and commerce, our foremost concern is, as always, to assess the implications for our clients’ portfolios.

Markets abhor uncertainty and surprise, and the Donald J. Trump victory for the presidency introduced both in ample supply. In just two days, the market whipsawed investors, first by fear that his yet-to-be defined policies would negatively impact the global economy, and then euphoria that they would bolster growth.

Our consumer staples holdings were impacted in the relief rally. Nevertheless, and despite the heightened stock market volatility, we are confident in the earnings growth of our global and regional strategies. The high quality attributes of the defensive companies we hold are inherently more resilient during periods of elevated risk aversion or sharp equity market declines, and over the all-important long term.

Equity markets ebb and flow with presidential elections and referendums, with headline news, with natural and man-made disasters. Many market participants chase performance, recast their portfolios, and look for ways to play the event-driven cycle. Of course, we also stress-test our portfolios and our view of their long-term potential: Is new information transitory, or is it signaling an underlying structural shift?

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