A Complex Backdrop for Global Equities

Slow but steady progress in the fight against inflation, combined with inconclusive economic data from labor market strength to GDP weakness, created a complex backdrop for investors in the second quarter. Despite the uncertain outlook, markets ticked upwards, helped by the resolution of the U.S. debt ceiling. Global equities ended the quarter in positive territory.

The United States was a clear outperformer, with the S&P 500® Index reaching nearly double digits for the quarter. Inflation continued to trend downwards as the May Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) report hit a two-year low of 4%. Ongoing labor market tightness boosted wages, adding to concerns about consumer demand and further price increases. The Federal Reserve (Fed) paused interest rate hikes in June after ten successive rises but signaled additional rate increases may be needed before the end of the year to tame inflation.

Vontobel Market Review & Outlook

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