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Sudhir Roc-Sennett, senior portfolio adviser at Vontobel Asset Management, a subadviser to Virtus international/global funds, was among the investment professionals interviewed for “Trends in Global Investing,” a supplement feature of Pensions & Investments.

Articles include:

  • “The $20 Trillion Question”: What will happen to global asset prices when central banks take their feet off the gas?
  • “Headline Noise”: Daily doses of bad news can give investors heartburn but markets shrug it all off
  • “Value vs. Valuation”: Though many markets look rich, dispersion among individual names, industries, and countries may be creating pockets of value for investors
  • “What Keeps You Up at Night?”: In a world that seems in a constant state of upheaval, we asked managers what worries them, and given the wide range of potential risks, what they think investors will be talking about in a year
  • “Party Like It’s 2007?”: Investors are still chasing yield despite high asset prices and a potential reversal of supportive monetary policies

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