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Q3 Seix Leveraged Finance

Virtus Viewpoints:
As Economy Cools, A Flight to Safety

  • With more and more investors seeking income in an increasingly low rate environment, high-yield bonds (as represented by the ICE BofAML High Yield Cash Pay Index) returned 1.23% in the quarter with BBs (2.05%) outperforming Bs (1.22%) and CCCs (-2.33%). Year-todate, high yield bonds posted gains of 11.51% with BBrated bonds (13.03%), B-rated bonds (11.21%) and CCCrated bonds (6.06%).

  • While high yield bonds were yielding 5.57% by the end of 3Q19, loans were yielding about 6.46%, down 167 basis points (bps) year-to-date.

  • Retail outflows in the leveraged loan sector decelerated again in 3Q19 as collateralized loan obligation (CLO) formation continued to provide support. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) accounted for the majority of issuance, but issuance to pay down loans remained active, resulting in a number of unexpected calls. And LIBOR levels contracted 20 bps to end the quarter at approximately 2.1%.

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