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Volatility in Perspective—Vontobel CIO Discussion

Matthew Benkendorf

Matthew Benkendorf
Chief Investment Officer, Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst
Vontobel Asset Management

Vontobel Asset Management CIO Matt Benkendorf offers his perspective on recent global volatility and the impact on Vontobel’s international, global, and emerging markets portfolios. He fields questions from financial advisors on the impact of the pandemic on global markets.

Replay of a call held April 2, 2020, moderated by Barry Mandinach, Executive Vice President, Virtus Investment Partners.

Among the topics covered:
• The length and depth of the pandemic will determine economic damage and how long it will take to recover – the longer this crisis lasts, the slower the recovery is likely to be as capital and businesses are rebuilt.
• How the spread of COVID-19 is affecting countries differently – including specific comments about China, India, and Brazil.
• Intraday volatility is creating opportunity for active managers and the importance of “quality” during indiscriminate selloffs.
• Stocks in some sectors that would normally seem like poor, medium to longer term opportunities performed a lot better in the short run than would have been expected.
• How Vontobel’s international, global, and emerging markets portfolios have fared during the recent volatility.

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