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The Drive Back From the Beach

Joe Terranova
Every money manager experiences what I like to call "The Conundrum Ride." You have the kids in the backseat, your wife next to you, and too much traffic in front of you.

Ben Bernanke Nomination

Joe Terranova
Ben Bernanke to be nominated by President Obama for second term as Federal Reserve Chief. Chairman Bernanke has done an excellent job navigating this deflationary crisis.

Reading 10 quick takeaways

Joe Terranova
As a kid, I never liked to read - forget those summer reading assignments. I preferred to re-enact the batting stance of the '78 Yankees as my friends and I played out the '78 Yankees / Red Sox pennant race at our wiffle ball field in Valley Stream, NY.

For the week of August 24th

Joe Terranova
For the week of August 24th - here are the events that matter on the economic calendar.


Joe Terranova
Significant attention has been paid over the past few days to the tepid performance of the Chinese equity market during the month of August. Incorrectly, this is being portrayed as an indicator for the direction of our domestic equity market. Understand that what was the stabilizing force, domestically and globally, during the winter of our discontent was the Chinese economy, not the equity market.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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