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Why Are The Capital Markets Softening


On the morning of Wednesday, August 11, investors woke up to a significantly lower S&P 500. What has stalled the bullish momentum in the second half of 2010?  Suspects include:


1. Friday, August 6 - U.S. unemployment report
2. Tuesday, August 10 - FOMC economy downgrade
3. Wednesday, August 11 - the U.S. ten year Treasury touches 2.71%, its lowest level since early April 2009


1. Tuesday, August 10 - Bank Of England cuts growth outlook
2. Tuesday, August 10 - China product import data
3. Wednesday, August 11 - Chinese economic data      


The capital markets remain highly sensitive to economic data from China, the global growth engine. Several data points over the past few days suggest a "pause" or "softening" in the upward momentum for 2010 Chinese economic data. 

1. Imports - % year on year change from June to July

         >Copper     (157.8%)
         >Aluminum   (68.4%)
         >Crude Oil    (74.3%)
         >Refined Oil  (30.5%)
         >Iron Ore        (6.2%)
         >Steel            (8.7%)

2. Industrial Production  +13.4% from a year earlier; however, the slowest growth in 11 months

3. Retail Sales  +17.9% from a year earlier, below +18.5% consensus and the previous month's +18.3%

4. Fixed Asset Investment  +24.9% from a year earlier, below +25.3% consensus and the previous month's +25.5%

5. CPI Inflation  +3.3% from a year earlier; previous month was +2.9%; inflation uptick

6. M2 Growth  +17.6% from a year earlier, the slowest growth in 20 months, previous month was +18.5%

7. Loan Growth  new loans for July were 532.8 billion yuan versus 600 billion estimate and June's 603.4 billion

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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