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December Unemployment Report


Usually, in the minutes following a monthly Unemployment report, I quickly send out a blog with my commentary and market strategy.  For those of you that did not watch the Thursday evening December 2 Fast Money program, I apologize because you were unaware of my intention not present a blog early Friday morning.  Rather, as I stated on Thursday evening's show, I wanted to wait until 3:30pm on Friday before reacting.  I felt it was very important to allow the market to properly digest the report and watch how money was allocated throughout the day.

As the final bell has rung, closing-out the first week of December, my strategy is as follows - STAY THE COURSE! 

I know it's tough to "Stay the Course," but the path of least resistance continues to be:

  1. Continued reallocation from Treasuries (not a bubble burst though) into U.S. equities - particularly small caps and cyclicals
  2. Continued demand for natural resources, industrials, hydrocarbons
  3. Emerging market inflationary pressures fueling a rise in gold and soft commodities pricing
  4. An accommodative FOMC targeting "wealth creation"
  5. An extension for all income brackets of the Bush tax cuts

On to this report's low lights:

December Unemployment Report

  1. Overall employment rose by 39,000 jobs - well below estimates of +155,000
  2. The critical component of the report - Private Sector Jobs - significantly disappointed, rising only 50,000, well below the +175,000 estimate
  3. Jobless Rate rose from 9.6% to 9.8%
  4. The underemployment rate remained at 17.0%

 The report is a major disappointment for the labor market recovery

  • I believe the FOMC will use the weak labor report to underscore the importance of continuing to expand the size of its balance sheet
  • The recent dialogue suggesting the FOMC might pullback on QE2  is less likely for certain after this report
  • I also believe this report will advance the process to extend the Bush tax cuts, at least temporarily, for all income brackets
  • Finally, I do not believe this report will reverse the bullish fall 2010 capital markets' momentum

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

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