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CFTC Commitments Of Traders Report


For the week ending Wednesday, June 1, holdings of net long futures contracts increased for the second consecutive week. Net longs (Fig 1.1) increased 7.3% to 1.26 million contracts, the highest level in four weeks. I interpret the increase as further evidence of a slowdown, not a meltdown for the global economy. In particular, copper holdings increased 59% as the evidence suggests Chinese de-stocking of the red metal is nearing an end.
Also of note: 

  • $130 million of inflows entered commodity markets in the week ending June 1
  • $702 million of inflows was the previous week's figure, thus we have two consecutive weeks of inflows, which has stabilized the mid-May commodity sell-off
  • Copper longs increased 59%, from 4,604 to 7,304 contracts
  • Shanghai Futures Exchange inventories of copper have plunged over 50% since mid-March (Fig 1.2)
  • Wheat longs increased 14% on poor Russian and U.S. weather
  • Cotton longs increased 12% — the biggest gain since August 2010
  • Distillate longs surged 22% on dwindling U.S. inventories (Fig 1.3), which now stand at a 25-month low; China exports of diesel was halted on May 12 to meet domestic manufacturing demand
  • Oil longs fell marginally .55%
  • Natural gas longs increased 23%
  • Gasoline longs increased 1.42%
  • Silver longs fell 1%
  • Gold longs increased 11%

Fig 1.1 CFTC Net Long Holdings of Futures Contracts, June 2010 - June 2011

Source: Bloomberg
Fig 1.2 Shanghai Futures Exchange Copper Inventories, June 2010 - June 2011

Source: Bloomberg
Fig 1.3 Department of Energy Distillate Inventories, June 2010 - June 2011

Source: Bloomberg


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