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Be Long Health & Happiness!

Although the calendar still needs to run out the final 10 days of 2011, for many weeks it has been obvious to most of us that the year probably ended in mid-November. A disappointing year, considering corporations continued to deliver strong EPS growth. Unfortunately, the student councils running the U.S. and Europe proved to be too stiff a headwind to overcome in the second half of the year.
For sure, the importance of a quality money manager was never more relevant than in 2011. That ultimately was the difference maker for whether or not your portfolio got that extra alpha bump. So continue to focus on your 2012 strategy, work with your team, and get ready for another volatile year – 2012.
In the next week I will post my January indicator calendar and quarterly white paper. Early in January, a bonus 2012 capital markets strategy piece will be available. Below is little tease on the content contained within the material.
May you be blessed with life’s two greatest assets – Be Long Health & Happiness!
What’s ahead for January 2012…
January economic calendar
•   Primary focus - Earnings
•   Secondary focus – European bond auctions
Q1 white paper “Guilty until proven innocent”
•   Defensive positioning is still warranted with a focus on dividend and EPS growth
•   Will 1936 be the template for the U.S. Presidential election?
•   Number #1 “Risk On” indicator:  “The great Treasury unwind”
•   Corporate and muni bond outlook
•   Which sectors have a tailwind?
•   Oil in 2012 – headwind or tailwind?
•   Growth potential difference between China & India

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