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China Trade Data


Overnight markets have a strong bid, potentially positioning the S&P 500® Index (SPX) to challenge the current high for the year from January 4 at 1467.94. The catalyst is the China trade data report which shows some encouraging points.  


  • Exports (Figure 1.1) rose 14.1% year on year, well ahead of last month’s 2.9% rise and estimates for a 5.0% rise this month.
  • Imports rose 6.0% year on year, after reporting flat last month. Expectations for this month were +3.5%.
  • The Trade Balance Surplus rose to $31.62 billion from $19.63 billion last month, again ahead of the $20 billion estimate for this month.
  • The 2012 China Trade Surplus reaches $231.1 billion, the highest yearly total since 2008, supporting continued favorable yuan appreciation (Figure 1.2).
  • Total Lending rose to $1.63 trillion from $1.27 trillion, an increase of $262 billion from last month to support domestic growth.


Investors should be encouraged with the modest external demand found in the exports by country data:


  • Exports to the U.S rose 10.3%, the highest level since June 2012’s +10.6%.
  • Exports to the European Union rose for the first time since May 2012, +2.3%.

o   November 2012 -18.0%, October 2012 -8.1%, September 2012 -10.7%, August 2012 -12.7%, July 2012 -16.2%, June 2012 -1.1%.

o   Exports to the United Kingdom surged 18.2% last month.

  • Exports to South Africa rose 69.7% from -0.7% last month.
  • Exports to Brazil rose 32.7% from 0.7% last month.


The strategy to align with a modest rebound in Chinese economic activity is further appreciation for the China yuan and Australian dollar (Figure 1.3), U.S materials sector recovery, and now a much faster than anticipated recovery in the U.S. industrials sector.


2013 Year-to-Date U.S. Sector Performance


SPX +2.44%


1.      Health Care +4.04%

2.      Materials +3.62%

3.      Financials +3.33%

4.      Industrials +3.01%

5.      Consumer Discretionary +2.34%

6.      Energy +2.02%

7.      Technology +1.91%

8.      Consumer Staples +1.86%

9.      Utilities +0.83%


Figure 1.1 China Export Data, December 2010 to December 2012


Source: Bloomberg


Figure 1.2 China Yuan 2012-2013


Source: Bloomberg


Figure 1.3 Australian Dollar 2012-2013


Source: Bloomberg


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