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Brendan R. Finneran

Brendan R. Finneran

Portfolio Manager
Rampart Investment Management Company, LLC

Brendan Finneran is a portfolio manager at Rampart Investment Management Company, LLC, an investment management affiliate of Virtus Investment Partners since 2012.

Mr. Finneran’s responsibilities include investment strategy, product development, and portfolio management for the firm’s high-net-worth, institutional, and mutual fund clients. In addition, he serves as the day-to-day liaison for key client accounts.

Prior to joining Rampart in 2008, Mr. Finneran was a trader and operations manager at Andover Capital Advisors, where he was responsible for operational account management (processing and settlement) for all equity, option, bond, bank debt, CDS, and swap trades. Prior to entering the financial industry, he held sales positions at Cone Jacquards and was an account manager at Robert Fleming.

Mr. Finneran received a B.A. in organizational behavior and management from Brown University. He began his career in the investment industry in 2003.