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Filing your 2014 Taxes

Virtus Mutual Funds has the following resources to help you file your 2014 taxes:

Tax Forms Reference

A list of the tax forms Virtus provides investors and their anticipated mailing dates.

Mutual Funds Supplementary Tax Information

Federal and state and fund-specific tax tables in PDF format.

Didn't receive a tax form from Virtus Investment Partners?

Your fund may not have declared a dividend or capital gain in 2014. View the list of funds' distributions.

Personal Tax Forms and Year-End Account Statement

Account Access required

Cost Basis:  Cost Basis is now provided on Form 1099-B and reports gains or losses generated from a sale or exchange of shares

Visit Tax-Center Cost Basis to learn more about cost basis changes effective January 1, 2012.

Need help with Virtus Investment Partners' tax forms?

If you don't see the form you received or need listed below, e-mail or call us at 1-800-243-1574.

Other tax questions?

Ask the IRS. 1-800-829-1040 -- or order the IRS' "Guide to Free Tax Services." 1-800-829-3676 or

Additional Information for Taxpayers

If you invested in a tax-exempt fund that paid exempt interest dividends during the 2014 tax year, we are required to provide you with Form 1099-DIV*.
*Form 1099-DIV is NOT provided for those distributions under $10.00.

Distributions of $10 or more must be reported on your tax returns, whether you received cash or reinvested additional fund shares.

The percentage of tax-exempt income from the Virtus California Tax-Exempt Bond Fund subject to the federal alternative minimum tax for the 2014 tax year is 9.89%.

The percentage of tax-exempt income from the Virtus Tax-Exempt Bond Fund and the Virtus Insight Tax-Exempt Money Market Fund subject to the federal alternative minimum tax for the 2014 tax year is 0.0%.

Shareholders with incorrect or missing Social Security Numbers (also called Taxpayer Identification Numbers) will be subject to the IRS required 28% withholding from all distributions and redemptions. If your Social Security Number is incorrect or missing from your tax form(s), please complete Form W-9 and send it to Virtus Investment Partners.

PO Box 9874
Providence RI, 02940-8074


Virtus Customer Service

Download and print Form W-9, or obtain one by calling us at 1-800-243-1574 or by visiting your local post office. Related Sections Personal Tax Forms and Year-End Account Statement (Account Access required) Receive future tax forms online.