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Donald Coxe

Donald Coxe

Portfolio Manager and Chief Strategist

Chairman, Coxe Advisors LLP

With 38 years of institutional investing and money management experience in the United States and Canada, Donald Coxe has a distinctive background in North American and global capital markets. 

He is advisor to two commodity-related, publicly traded investment products in Canada, the Basic Points Commodity Notes and the Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund (which trades on the TSX in Canada). As strategy advisor for BMO Financial Group, he publishes an institutional portfolio strategy journal, Basic Points, which is distributed in North America, Europe and Asia. 

Mr. Coxe was chief executive officer of a major Canadian investment counselling firm, research director and strategist for a leading Canadian institutional dealer, a strategist on Wall Street, and chief executive officer and chief investment officer for Harris Investment Management, Inc. At Harris, he was, until 2006, co-manager and/or portfolio strategist of the flagship Harris Insight Equity Fund. 

Mr. Coxe maintains a highly visible presence in major business communities through his speaking engagements, writing, conference calls, and regular appearances in North American broadcast media. A respected business writer, he is the author of The New Reality of Wall Street, published in 2003.