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Virtus mutual fund shareholders may choose to go paperless with electronic delivery (eDelivery). eDelivery offers secure, password protected access to your selected documents. It is simple to use and activate. Here's how it works:

Instead of receiving paper copies of your account- and fund-related materials in the mail, we will email you when your documents are ready to view at

Sign-up now to receive regulatory documents, including fund prospectuses, annual reports, and semi-annual reports, and statements and tax forms, electronically.

You can change your delivery options at any time, free of charge.

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» Establishing Online Account Access and eDelivery Information

Why eDelivery?

    • Faster than snailmail - access your information any time from any computer via the Internet
    • Reduces fund expenses - eliminate paper and postage costs
    • Environmentally friendly - no printing or paper to recycle
    • Simplifies recordkeeping - your account information is secure and organized for you (Statements will be securely stored online for eight consecutive quarters and you can easily save them to your computer or print them at your convenience.)