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Investing today can be challenging.  Virtus Investment Partners wants to help you make informed decisions.  Our Investors’ Knowledge Base is designed to provide you with easy to understand reference materials.

Visit the glossary for a guide to investment terminology.

Elements of Diversification Market leadership changes from year to year and predicting the winning style is impossible. This table highlights the importance of diversification.

For a quick guide to investment terminology, use our glossary. To gain a better understanding of retirement plan options, visit the Retirement Center.

Signature Guarantee and/or Signature Validation Program Stamp

A STAMP 2000 Signature Guarantee makes certain warrantees upon which the transfer agent can rely; the signature is genuine; the signer was an appropriate person to endorse or originate the instruction and had the legal capacity to sign the request. The guarantee financially backs the transaction in the event of fraudulent activity.

Signature Validation Program Stamps are used for non-security transactions.  A non-security transaction is defined as any commercial transaction that does not pertain to a sale, assignment, transfer or redemption of a security.

Both types of stamps may be obtained from certain credit unions; domestic banks; trust companies and broker/dealers.  For a complete list of types of firms that provide them and for additional details, please review our Signature Guarantee Requirements document.

Share Classes, Sales Charges and Breakpoints - Which arrangement is best for you?

The different classes of shares permit you to choose the method of purchasing shares that is most beneficial to you.  In choosing a class of shares, consider the amount of your investment, the length of time you expect to hold the shares, whether you decide to receive distributions in cash or to reinvest them in additional shares and other personal circumstances.  In certain instances, you may be entitled to a reduction or waiver of sales charges.

Your financial representative should recommend only those arrangements that are suitable for you based on known information.  Please be sure that you fully understand these choices before investing.  If you or your financial representative require additional assistance, please review the fund prospectus, statement of additonal information and/or the Breakpoint (Volume) Discounts document.