Individual Investors


Virtus Services for Investors

Virtus Investment Partners' mutual fund investors can take advantage of these shareholder benefits:

Go Paperless
You can sign up to receive account statements, tax forms and fund reports online instead of by mail.

24-Hour Account Access

Account access is available 24/7 through our Fund Connection and online account access.

Exchange Your Funds
Exchange between any of the Virtus Mutual Funds with no additional sales charge.

Reinvest Previous Withdrawals
Reinvest previously redeemed money with no new sales charge.

Invest Automatically
Set up a regular schedule of automatic purchases, exchanges and withdrawals.

Streamline Your Tax Preparation
Visit our Tax Center for resources and information on tax laws and what you need to know to file your taxes - and more.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here for answers to commonly asked questions.

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