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What do the escheatment laws and regulations consider contact or activity with my Virtus Funds account?

Although each State may have different laws and regulations for considering when an account is deemed active, we accept the following actions to maintain an active status:

Legacy Virtus & Former Allianz Investors:

  • Log In to your Virtus account online at – account log-in is required.
  • Contact one of our Client Service Representatives at the toll-free number provided on your account statement.
  • Ask your Financial Representative to contact us on your behalf.
  • Write to us at the address provided on your account statement.

Legacy Virtus Investors only:

  • Call our automated phone system, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-243-1574 and check your account balance or update any needed information for your account. (Not available at this time for former Allianz Investors.)

What is the easiest way to maintain contact on my Virtus Funds account(s)?

The easiest way to maintain contact with us is to access your account(s) online by logging into your account(s) through Virtus Funds’ website annually, asking your Financial Representative to contact us on your behalf, or by speaking to one of our Customer Service Representatives by the toll-free number provided on your account statement..

Legacy Virtus Funds utilizes a third party vendor to assist in locating shareholders?

Virtus utilizes Sovos Keane, a leading provider of unclaimed property communications, compliance, and consulting services in the country, to assist in locating lost shareholders. Therefore, if your account is considered abandoned, it may be possible that you will receive communication from Sovos Keane on our behalf.

Texas residents have the right to designate a representative for the purpose of receiving the abandoned property notices required under Texas law. The designated representative will not have any rights or access to your mutual fund shares and will only receive notice if your property is deemed abandoned. To designate a representative, you may complete the Unclaimed Property Designation of Representative form which can be downloaded at and return to Virtus Mutual Funds, PO Box 9874, Providence, RI  02940-8074.