Calendar Q2 Earnings Update (as of 7/28/14)


As of the close of business Monday, July 28, 239 of the companies listed in the S&P 500 Index (SPX) had reported calendar Q2 earnings.



  • This week 141 more SPX companies will report
  • Tuesday 46; Wednesday 36; Thursday 51 & Friday 8
  • By Industry
o   Financials 30
o   Industrials 24
o   Energy 19
o   Utilities 17
o   Health Care 14
o   Consumer Staples 13
o   Consumer Discretionary 10
o   Technology 8
o   Materials 6
o   Telecom 0


Other SPX Metrics


  • CQ2 Profit Margin 9.47% versus CQ1 9.45%
  • CQ2 Gross Margin 32.16% versus CQ1 32.12%
  • CQ2 EBITDA Margin 19.46% versus CQ1 19.50%
  • CQ2 Operating Margin 14.21% versus CQ1 14.20%


  • CQ2 Earnings $29.27 versus CQ1 $26.84


  • CY 2013 SPX EPS $106.29


  • CY 2014 SPX Current EPS $109.31


  • CY 2014 SPX Estimated EPS $119.37


Mergers & Acquisition Activity, Year to Date as of 7/28/14


  • Global M&A, $2.5 trillion +71% year on year
  • North America M&A, $1.2 trillion +83% year on year
  • European M&A, $779.8 billion +87% year on year
  • Asia Pacific M&A, $425.7 billion +42% year on year
  • Latin America M&A, $70.9 billion +27% year on year




Source of data: Bloomberg


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