Our Products

At Virtus Investment Partners, our distinctive investment capabilities are designed to support the varied financial objectives of individual and institutional clients. We offer a broad portfolio of products and services through financial advisors and consultants.

Mutual Funds

The Virtus Mutual Fund family offers a fund line-up that is highly diversified by manager, style and discipline.

Managed Accounts

Virtus offers a variety of managed accounts for investors interested in quality and defensive investment approaches.


Virtus Investment Partners is dedicated to offering high-quality solutions for Institutional investors. We cull our well-resourced product line on an ongoing basis to identify strategies that are well-positioned for the current investment environment.

Closed End Funds

Virtus Closed-End Funds are managed by several of our investment affiliates, all experts in their fields and specialists in this unique marketplace.


The Virtus Variable Insurance Trust Funds invest across a wide range of investment strategies, many of which provide specific solutions for changing client needs.

Products in the News

Virtus and our distinctive investment capabilities have been featured in a variety of articles and interviews.  Visit our library of reprints to see what our portfolio managers have to say.