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  Summary Prospectus Statutory Prospectus SAI* Annual Report Semi-Annual Report Fact Sheets
  Summary Prospectus Statutory Prospectus SAI* Annual Report Semi-Annual Report Fact Sheets
Alternative Income Solution Alternative Income Solution Summary Prospectus Alternative Income Solution Prospectus Alternative Income Solution SAI Alternative Income Solution Annual Report Alternative Income Solution Semi-Annual Report Alternative Income Solution Fact Sheet
Alternative Inflation Solution Alternative Inflation Solution Summary Prospectus Alternative Inflation Solution Prospectus Alternative Inflation Solution SAI Alternative Inflation Solution Annual Report Alternative Inflation Solution Semi-Annual Report Alternative Inflation Solution Fact Sheet
Alternative Total Solution Alternative Total Solution Summary Prospectus Alternative Total Solution Prospectus Alternative Total Solution SAI Alternative Total Solution Annual Report Alternative Total Solution Semi-Annual Report Alternative Total Solution Fact Sheet
Alternatives Diversifier Alternatives Diversifier Summary Prospectus Alternatives Diversifier Prospectus Alternatives Diversifier SAI Alternatives Diversifier Annual Report Alternatives Diversifier Semi-Annual Report Alternatives Diversifier Fact Sheet
Balanced Balanced Summary Prospectus Balanced Prospectus Balanced SAI Balanced Annual Report Balanced Semi-Annual Report Balanced Fact Sheet
Bond Bond Summary Prospectus Bond Prospectus Bond SAI Bond Annual Report Bond Semi-Annual Report Bond Fact Sheet
CA Tax-Exempt Bond CA Tax-Exempt Bond Summary Prospectus CA Tax-Exempt Bond Prospectus CA Tax-Exempt Bond SAI CA Tax-Exempt Bond Annual Report CA Tax-Exempt Bond Semi-Annual Report CA Tax-Exempt Bond Fact Sheet
Contrarian Value Contrarian Value Summary Prospectus Contrarian Value Prospectus Contrarian Value SAI Contrarian Value Annual Report Contrarian Value Semi-Annual Report Contrarian Value Fact Sheet
Credit Opportunities Credit Opportunities Summary Prospectus Credit Opportunities Prospectus Credit Opportunities SAI NA NA Credit Opportunities Fact Sheet
Disciplined Equity Style Disciplined Equity Style Summary Prospectus Disciplined Equity Style Prospectus Disciplined Equity Style SAI Disciplined Equity Style Annual Report Disciplined Equity Style Semi-Annual Report Disciplined Equity Style Fact Sheet
Disciplined Select Bond Disciplined Select Bond Summary Prospectus Disciplined Select Bond Prospectus Disciplined Select Bond SAI Disciplined Select Bond Annual Report Disciplined Select Bond Semi-Annual Report Disciplined Select Bond Fact Sheet
Disciplined Select Country Disciplined Select Country Summary Prospectus Disciplined Select Country Prospectus Disciplined Select Country SAI Disciplined Select Country Annual Report Disciplined Select Country Semi-Annual Report Disciplined Select Country Fact Sheet
Dynamic Trend Dynamic Trend Summary Prospectus Dynamic Trend Prospectus Dynamic Trend SAI Dynamic Trend Annual Report Dynamic Trend Semi-Annual Report Dynamic Trend Fact Sheet
Emerging Markets Debt Emerging Markets Debt Summary Prospectus Emerging Markets Debt Prospectus Emerging Markets Debt SAI Emerging Markets Debt Annual Report Emerging Markets Debt Semi-Annual Report Emerging Markets Debt Fact Sheet
Emerging Markets Equity Income Emerging Markets Equity Income Summary Prospectus Emerging Markets Equity Income Prospectus Emerging Markets Equity Income SAI Emerging Markets Equity Income Annual Report Emerging Markets Equity Income Semi-Annual Report Emerging Markets Equity Income Fact Sheet
Emerging Markets Opportunities Emerging Markets Opportunities Summary Prospectus Emerging Markets Opportunities Prospectus Emerging Markets Opportunities SAI Emerging Markets Opportunities Annual Report Emerging Markets Opportunities Semi-Annual Report Emerging Markets Opportunities Fact Sheet
Emerging Markets Small-Cap Emerging Markets Small-Cap Summary Prospectus Emerging Markets Small-Cap Prospectus Emerging Markets Small-Cap SAI Emerging Markets Small-Cap Annual Report Emerging Markets Small-Cap Semi-Annual Report Emerging Markets Small-Cap Fact Sheet
Equity Trend Equity Trend Summary Prospectus Equity Trend Prospectus Equity Trend SAI Equity Trend Annual Report Equity Trend Semi-Annual Report Equity Trend Fact Sheet
Essential Resources Essential Resources Summary Prospectus Essential Resources Prospectus Essential Resources SAI NA Essential Resources Semi-Annual Report Essential Resources Fact Sheet
Foreign Opportunities Foreign Opportunities Summary Prospectus Foreign Opportunities Prospectus Foreign Opportunities SAI Foreign Opportunities Annual Report Foreign Opportunities Semi-Annual Report Foreign Opportunities Fact Sheet
Global Equity Trend Global Equity Trend Summary Prospectus Global Equity Trend Prospectus Global Equity Trend SAI Global Equity Trend Annual Report Global Equity Trend Semi-Annual Report Global Equity Trend Fact Sheet
Global Infrastructure Global Infrastructure Summary Prospectus Global Infrastructure Prospectus Global Infrastructure SAI Global Infrastructure Annual Report Global Infrastructure Semi-Annual Report Global Infrastructure Fact Sheet
Global Opportunities Global Opportunities Summary Prospectus Global Opportunities Prospectus Global Opportunities SAI Global Opportunities Annual Report Global Opportunities Semi-Annual Report Global Opportunities Fact Sheet
Global Real Estate Securities Global Real Estate Securities Summary Prospectus Global Real Estate Securities Prospectus Global Real Estate Securities SAI Global Real Estate Securities Annual Report Global Real Estate Securities Semi-Annual Report Global Real Estate Securities Fact Sheet
Greater European Opportunities Greater European Opportunities Summary Prospectus Greater European Opportunities Prospectus Greater European Opportunities SAI Greater European Opportunities Annual Report Greater European Opportunities Semi-Annual Report Greater European Opportunities Fact Sheet
Growth & Income Growth & Income Summary Prospectus Growth & Income Prospectus Growth & Income SAI Growth & Income Annual Report Growth & Income Semi-Annual Report Growth & Income Fact Sheet
Herzfeld Herzfeld Summary Prospectus Herzfeld Prospectus Herzfeld SAI Herzfeld Annual Report Herzfeld Semi-Annual Report Herzfeld Fact Sheet
High Yield High Yield Summary Prospectus High Yield Prospectus High Yield SAI High Yield Annual Report High Yield Semi-Annual Report High Yield Fact Sheet
International Equity International Equity Summary Prospectus International Equity Prospectus International Equity SAI International Equity Annual Report International Equity Semi-Annual Report International Equity Fact Sheet
International Real Estate Securities International Real Estate Securities Summary Prospectus International Real Estate Securities Prospectus International Real Estate Securities SAI International Real Estate Securities Annual Report International Real Estate Securities Semi-Annual Report International Real Estate Securities Fact Sheet
International Small-Cap International Small-Cap Summary Prospectus International Small-Cap Prospectus International Small-Cap SAI International Small-Cap Annual Report International Small-Cap Semi-Annual Report International Small-Cap Fact Sheet
International Wealth Masters International Wealth Masters Summary Prospectus International Wealth Masters Prospectus International Wealth Masters SAI NA International Wealth Masters Semi-Annual Report International Wealth Masters Fact Sheet
Low Duration Income Low Duration Income Summary Prospectus Low Duration Income Prospectus Low Duration Income SAI Low Duration Income Annual Report Low Duration Income Semi-Annual Report Low Duration Income Fact Sheet
Low Volatility Equity Low Volatility Equity Summary Prospectus Low Volatility Equity Prospectus Low Volatility Equity SAI Low Volatility Equity Annual Report Low Volatility Equity Semi-Annual Report Low Volatility Equity Fact Sheet
Mid-Cap Core Mid-Cap Core Summary Prospectus Mid-Cap Core Prospectus Mid-Cap Core SAI Mid-Cap Core Annual Report Mid-Cap Core Semi-Annual Report Mid-Cap Core Fact Sheet
Mid-Cap Growth Mid-Cap Growth Summary Prospectus Mid-Cap Growth Prospectus Mid-Cap Growth SAI Mid-Cap Growth Annual Report Mid-Cap Growth Semi-Annual Report Mid-Cap Growth Fact Sheet
Multi-Asset Trend Multi-Asset Trend Summary Prospectus Multi-Asset Trend Prospectus Multi-Asset Trend SAI Multi-Asset Trend Annual Report Multi-Asset Trend Semi-Annual Report Multi-Asset Trend Fact Sheet
Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Summary Prospectus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Prospectus Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond SAI Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Annual Report Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Semi-Annual Report Multi-Sector Intermediate Bond Fact Sheet
Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Summary Prospectus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Prospectus Multi-Sector Short Term Bond SAI Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Annual Report Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Semi-Annual Report Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Fact Sheet
Multi-Strategy Target Return Multi-Strategy Target Return Summary Prospectus Multi-Strategy Target Return Prospectus Multi-Strategy Target Return SAI NA NA Multi-Strategy Target Return Fact Sheet
Quality Large-Cap Value Quality Large-Cap Value Summary Prospectus Quality Large-Cap Value Prospectus Quality Large-Cap Value SAI Quality Large-Cap Value Annual Report Quality Large-Cap Value Semi-Annual Report Quality Large-Cap Value Fact Sheet
Quality Small-Cap Quality Small-Cap Summary Prospectus Quality Small-Cap Prospectus Quality Small-Cap SAI Quality Small-Cap Annual Report Quality Small-Cap Semi-Annual Report Quality Small-Cap Fact Sheet
Real Estate Securities Real Estate Securities Summary Prospectus Real Estate Securities Prospectus Real Estate Securities SAI Real Estate Securities Annual Report Real Estate Securities Semi-Annual Report Real Estate Securities Fact Sheet
Sector Trend Sector Trend Summary Prospectus Sector Trend Prospectus Sector Trend SAI Sector Trend Annual Report Sector Trend Semi-Annual Report Sector Trend Fact Sheet
Select MLP and Energy Select MLP and Energy Summary Prospectus Select MLP and Energy Prospectus Select MLP and Energy SAI NA NA Select MLP and Energy Fact Sheet
Senior Floating Rate Senior Floating Rate Summary Prospectus Senior Floating Rate Prospectus Senior Floating Rate SAI Senior Floating Rate Annual Report Senior Floating Rate Semi-Annual Report Senior Floating Rate Fact Sheet
Small-Cap Core Small-Cap Core Summary Prospectus Small-Cap Core Prospectus Small-Cap Core SAI Small-Cap Core Annual Report Small-Cap Core Semi-Annual Report Small-Cap Core Fact Sheet
Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Summary Prospectus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Prospectus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth SAI Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Annual Report Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Semi-Annual Report Small-Cap Sustainable Growth Fact Sheet
Strategic Growth Strategic Growth Summary Prospectus Strategic Growth Prospectus Strategic Growth SAI Strategic Growth Annual Report Strategic Growth Semi-Annual Report Strategic Growth Fact Sheet
Strategic Income Strategic Income Summary Prospectus Strategic Income Prospectus Strategic Income SAI Strategic Income Annual Report Strategic Income Semi-Annual Report Strategic Income Fact Sheet
Tactical Allocation Tactical Allocation Summary Prospectus Tactical Allocation Prospectus Tactical Allocation SAI Tactical Allocation Annual Report Tactical Allocation Semi-Annual Report Tactical Allocation Fact Sheet
Tax-Exempt Bond Tax-Exempt Bond Summary Prospectus Tax-Exempt Bond Prospectus Tax-Exempt Bond SAI Tax-Exempt Bond Annual Report Tax-Exempt Bond Semi-Annual Report Tax-Exempt Bond Fact Sheet
Wealth Masters Wealth Masters Summary Prospectus Wealth Masters Prospectus Wealth Masters SAI Wealth Masters Annual Report Wealth Masters Semi-Annual Report Wealth Masters Fact Sheet
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