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Doing Well by Doing Good

Sustainable and responsible investing via environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics has come a long way. Here’s how, and why that matters.

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Inflation Cheat Sheet

Puzzled about the direction of inflation? Here are some key facts, figures, and definitions, along with three factors that are pushing inflation up over the short term and over the long term.

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Why 'Home Bias' is Shortsighted

In today’s global economy, thriving companies aren’t bound by geography—not in where they are headquartered nor from where they derive their income. Vontobel Asset Management discusses why investing beyond one’s own borders may benefit performance over the longer run. Also includes a brief discussion of the Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities Fund.

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4 Key Trends in Emerging Markets and Companies that Could Benefit

Regional e-commerce and consumer companies are increasing market share by adapting to local preferences. Online gaming is no longer just for young boys – demographics are expanding by age and gender. As emerging markets evolve, investors can benefit from quality companies that are positioned to reap the rewards of these trends.

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Vontobel Viewpoint: Constraining the Private Sector in China

The Chinese government has recently instigated a far-reaching crackdown on privately-owned businesses in China. Chinese shares listed on foreign exchanges have reacted more negatively than A-shares to this increased government intervention. What risks does this pose to foreign investors, and how can they prudently navigate China's equity market?

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Destocking Your Portfolio

Why investors concerned about frothy stock valuations and volatility may want to consider equity alternatives like convertible and high yield bonds.

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Thinking Beyond the Benchmark: KAR Small-Mid Cap Core SMA Portfolio

Quality businesses have an unmistakable profile: durable earnings growth, high return on capital, strong balance sheets and cash flows, and management acumen at maintaining a competitive advantage. These attributes sound attractive, but do they really make a difference? Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) believes they do. Updated with 6/30/2021 data.

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Mid-Year Observations and Expectations from Joe Terranova

“Since the S&P 500 Index hit an intraday bottom of 2191.86 on March 23, 2020, dispersion has prevailed. While it may be tempting to concentrate in certain equity sectors, the only sector that I would overweight is diversification.”

–Joe Terranova, Chief Market Strategist, Virtus Investment Partners

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Shades of Quality

Quality investing has many nuances. As the economy reopens, Vontobel is focusing on what may be most relevant for stock selection and avoiding shades of quality.

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Six Paths to ESG Investing at Seix

With ESG factors becoming an increasingly important part of the investment process, here’s how Seix’s leveraged finance team seeks a fuller understanding of the companies in which we invest.

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The Power of Disruption

Chris Armbruster, portfolio manager with Kayne Anderson Rudnick, discusses the prevalence of innovative disruptors in the mid-cap segment and the growth opportunity for long-term investors.

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Inflation Roundtable

Portfolio Managers from select Virtus affiliates and subadvisers share their latest thoughts on the prospects for inflation and how certain asset classes may help protect portfolios in an inflationary environment.

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Joe Terranova

1Q21 Capital Markets Discussion with Joe Terranova

On a recent call with advisors, Joe Terranova provides his observations on capital markets. Discussion topics include: thoughts on deploying capital at current equity valuation levels; potential sustainability and durability of the economic expansion; prospects for inflation and how to construct portfolios in light of a possible inflationary environment.

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Semiconductors: A Coming of Age Story

Vontobel’s research team takes a close look at the history and evolution of the semiconductor industry, what’s appealing about the industry today, and the global opportunities it represents for long-term quality growth investors.

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Rather be Lucky than Good

Successful investing over time is not a game of luck. It requires discipline and skill. Vontobel Asset Management considers stocks of fast-growing yet unprofitable and highly valued companies and other signs of market exuberance amid rising economic uncertainty that warrant attention.

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Hedging Inflation with Bank Loans and High Yield Bonds

According to a Morningstar analysis of nearly 100 asset classes and strategies over the 20 years ended December 31, 2021, bank loans and high yield bonds ranked first and fifth, respectively, in their correlations with inflation. Meantime. Bloomberg data shows that in the 18 periods since January 1999 when the 10-year Treasury bond yield rose 50 basis points or more, bank loans performed positively in 17. High yield bonds performed almost as well, turning in positive performance in 14 of these periods.&l

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A Prudent Approach to Navigating China’s Equity Markets

Chinese equities can offer an exciting and dynamic opportunity, but investors must navigate a complex regulatory environment and quickly changing competitive dynamics. In Vontobel’s view, challenges in China’s A-shares universe – shorter track records and limited transparency – can be managed. Learn how Vontobel’s research helps uncover high-quality companies in China with enduring profitability and growth.

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Joe Terranova

Capital Markets Discussion with Joe Terranova

In a recent call with financial professionals, Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist Joe Terranova discusses the idea of an “investment renaissance,’ the Biden administration, and the perception vs. reality of inflation in the U.S.

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Where is Your Umbrella?

Some of today’s high-flying stocks have disproportionately benefited from a fall in interest rates. Others include “story” stocks whose business models are yet unproven. Vontobel Asset Management separates fact from fiction to help investors prepare for a rainy day.

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Portfolio Manager Panel: International Opportunity and Outlook

2020 was a memorable year for the world’s equity markets, taking investors on a wild ride from start to finish. Investment professionals from Vontobel Asset Management, Sustainable Growth Advisers, and Kayne Anderson Rudnick reflect on the market-moving events of the past year and discuss their expectations for international equities in 2021.

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David Albrycht

Newfleet CIO on 2021 Outlook

David Albrycht, CFA, President and Chief Investment Officer of Newfleet Asset Management, provides a synopsis of the firm’s 2021 outlook in a brief video.

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2021 Fixed Income Market Outlook

The COVID-19 global pandemic has had a major impact on the lives and livelihoods of all people globally. Uncertainty still remains despite promising news on the vaccine front as we end the “year of the shutdown”.

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Time to Hash Over Your Cash Stash?

Obsession with liquidity via money market funds comes at a price, which is why investors may want to consider short- and ultra short-term bond funds with higher yields as rates stay lower for longer.

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Jim Keegan

Post-Election Podcast with Seix CIO

Jim Keegan, CIO for Seix Investment Advisors, sits with Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist Joe Terranova for a brief discussion on the election outcome and what it means for Seix’s investment grade strategies—and why security selection will be paramount going forward.

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Post-Election Podcast with Duff & Phelps Co-CIO

David Grumhaus provides his latest post-election thoughts, focusing in on Duff & Phelps’ real estate strategies. In this timely podcast, Grumhaus discusses how election results may affect stock and bond markets, along with opportunities in global real estate markets with Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist, Joe Terranova.

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David Albrycht, CFA

Post-Election Podcast with Newfleet CIO

David Albrycht provides his latest thoughts on the economy and Newfleet’s multi-sector strategies in light of the U.S. election. In this timely podcast, Albrycht discusses current risks and opportunities in the fixed income market with Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist, Joe Terranova.

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Fortune Favors the Bold

Emerging markets are widely considered to be the global economy’s growth engine. Yet, many investors only allocate a tiny percentage of their portfolios to EM. Vontobel’s study “Fortune favors the bold” shows that is set to change, revealing insights on how 300 professional investors around the world are planning to seek additional returns in emerging markets.

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George Goudelias

Income Investing: Time to Rethink Your Strategy

In a conversation with Virtus’ Chief Market Strategist Joe Terranova, Head of Virtus ETFs’ Bill Smalley, and Head of Leveraged Finance at Virtus investment affiliate Seix Investment Advisors’ George Goudelias discuss the landscape for income investing and potential solutions.

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Will Emerging Markets See the Light?

Over the past decade, the broad EM equity index has not kept pace with developed markets. This white paper from Vontobel Asset Management looks at why they believe emerging markets are poised to blossom again.

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Joe Terranova

3Q20 Capital Markets Overview with Joe Terranova

Joe Terranova, Senior Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist at Virtus Investment Partners, discusses the shape of the economic recovery, potential impacts of the U.S. election, and long-term expectations for the market.

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ESG Scoring in an Imperfect World: Why We Rely on Our Own Proprietary System

Sustainable Growth Advisers (SGA) believes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have a meaningful impact on a company’s ability to generate long-term sustainable growth. This article discusses why the firm relies on its own informed judgment in determining the factors that contribute to ESG scores rather than rely on ESG ratings from third party research providers.

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Finian O'Shea - Wells Fargo Senior Equity Analyst

Private Credit: Views From an Industry Ranked Analyst

Seth Kadushin, Portfolio Manager and Director of Capital Markets, sits down with Finian O’Shea, an industry ranked Wells Fargo Securities’ Private Credit and Business Development Company sector analyst, to discuss this complex asset class.

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Joe Terranova

2Q20 Capital Markets Overview with Joe Terranova

Joe Terranova, Senior Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist at Virtus Investment Partners, discusses the latest market developments in an interview with Barry Mandinach, Executive Vice President and Head of Distribution.

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z - Cover Image: Managed Accounts: Considerations for DC Plan Sponsors

Managed Accounts: Considerations for DC Plan Sponsors

Plan sponsors have a wide variety of investment solutions available to them in today’s retirement plan marketplace. This paper provides a framework for evaluating the potential benefits of including managed accounts as a complementary plan solution alongside participant-directed investments and target date funds.

Matthew Benkendorf

Volatility in Perspective—Vontobel CIO Discussion

Vontobel Asset Management CIO Matt Benkendorf offers his perspective on recent global volatility and the impact on Vontobel’s international, global, and emerging markets portfolios. He fields questions from financial advisors on the impact of the pandemic on global markets.

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Volatility in Perspective—KAR Panel Discussion

One in a series of Volatility in Perspective updates from Virtus affiliated managers discussing how the coronavirus crisis is affecting capital markets and their portfolios. KAR CIO Doug Foreman and portfolio managers Jon Christensen and Craig Thrasher offer perspective on the global volatility, how KAR’s quality-driven equity portfolios are faring, and field a range of questions on the impact of the pandemic on U.S. and international equities.

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A Drawdown Comparison to the Global Financial Crisis

According to Gregg Thomas, Director of Investment Strategy at Wellington Management, the market has been engaging most on companies that might not pass the "going concern" test in the face of the first real growth shock we’ve seen since the GFC, and that these companies are seeing a massive increase to their discount rates. Wellington’s definition of solvency looks at the relative distance to a default (similar to the model used by credit-rating agencies).

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z - Cover Image: Activate Your Fixed Income

Activate Your Fixed Income

Amid growing uncertainty, investors have shown greater interest in bond funds but must contend with a variety of risks as central banks around the world continue to implement unprecedented negative rate policies and the Federal Reserve remains accommodative. Here’s a guide to why active management matters.

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Implications of the Yield Curve Inversion

The ten-year U.S. Treasury note yield recently fell below that of the two-year note for the first time since 2007. Should the yield curve stay inverted for an extended period, it is clearly a negative development for economic growth. Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) believes the yield curve tends to be a more accurate forecasting tool than many economists or Wall Street strategists, and should prompt the Fed to extend rate cuts.

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