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Q4 Vontobel Market Review & Outlook - Global Equities

Vontobel Asset Management’s Q4 2021 commentary covers global equity market performance, opportunities in underappreciated business models, navigating China’s shifting (regulatory) sands, emerging markets poised for recovery, and how environmental, social, and governance (ESG) costs and risks are coming into focus.

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Destocking Your Portfolio

Why investors concerned about frothy stock valuations and volatility may want to consider equity alternatives like convertible and high yield bonds.

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Q4 KAR Market Review & Outlook

Kayne Anderson Rudnick CIO Doug Foreman’s quarterly commentary reflects on 2021 market performance, inflation’s growing impact, and the outlook for risks, rates, and equity returns in 2022.

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z - Cover Image: Observations and Expectations from Joe Terranova - January 2, 2022

Observations and Expectations from Joe Terranova - January 3, 2022

“In 2021, the S&P 500® Index recorded one of its highest risk-adjusted returns in several decades. While risk is always present in the capital markets, in 2022 it may reshape itself in defense of elevated volatility, monetary tightening, and inflationary pressures that challenge the resiliency of consumer spending and corporate profit margins.”

–Joe Terranova, Chief Market Strategist, Virtus Investment Partners

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Addressing Sequence of Return Risk

A decline early in retirement can have a big impact on the value of one’s nest egg. It means having to draw down a larger portion of one’s portfolio to meet income needs, while a decline that occurs later might be less hazardous to one’s wealth. Adding convertible bonds, high yield bonds, and dividend-paying equities may provide downside mitigation during major equity market downturns.

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z - Cover Image: Addressing Longevity Risk

Addressing Longevity Risk

With more people living longer than ever, the challenge will be to not run out of money, as the need for monthly income grows. Rising health care expenditures add another dimension to longevity risk.

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For Emerging Market Investors, Now Is Not the Time to Bet Against China

China has made plenty of negative headlines this year for its regulatory crackdown on tech firms and handling of a troubled real estate developer. This apparent escalation has raised concerns whether state intervention is reason enough to pare back exposure to emerging market equities, given that China accounts for about one third of typical emerging market allocations.

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Q3 Portfolio Review Podcast: KAR Mid-Cap Growth

KAR Portfolio Manager Chris Armbruster, CFA, discusses third quarter performance of the KAR Mid-Cap Growth strategy, including key contributors and detractors, key market drivers impacting company fundamentals, and the supply chain situation.

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Longevity vs. Liquidity

Between chronic low rates, wariness about owning equities, rising inflation, and longer life expectancy, investors planning for retirement may want to make an income and growth fund a core holding.

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An Introduction to Merger Arbitrage

Merger arbitrage is an alternative investment strategy offering traditional stock and bond investors the potential to create a more efficient and diversified portfolio, targeting both steady gains and minimization of drawdowns through up and down markets alike.

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Why 'Home Bias' is Shortsighted

In today’s global economy, thriving companies aren’t bound by geography—not in where they are headquartered nor from where they derive their income. Vontobel Asset Management discusses why investing beyond one’s own borders may benefit performance over the longer run. Also includes a brief discussion of the Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities Fund.

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Thinking Beyond the Benchmark: KAR Small-Mid Cap Core SMA Portfolio

Quality businesses have an unmistakable profile: durable earnings growth, high return on capital, strong balance sheets and cash flows, and management acumen at maintaining a competitive advantage. These attributes sound attractive, but do they really make a difference? Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) believes they do. Updated with 9/30/2021 data.

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z - Cover Image: Managed Accounts: Considerations for DC Plan Sponsors

Managed Accounts: Considerations for DC Plan Sponsors

Plan sponsors have a wide variety of investment solutions available to them in today’s retirement plan marketplace. This paper provides a framework for evaluating the potential benefits of including managed accounts as a complementary plan solution alongside participant-directed investments and target date funds.

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Understanding the LIBOR/SOFR Transition

Should leveraged loan investors be concerned about the end of LIBOR?
Seix believes the loan market will be prepared for the cessation of LIBOR and transition to SOFR.  Here are some key points on the forthcoming shift to a new interest rate benchmark.

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End of LIBOR: What it means for investors

By the end of this year, the loan market is shifting away from LIBOR, used for decades as its primary interest rate benchmark. Here are some issues investors should watch for as the market transitions.

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Inside ESG Investing at Seix

With ESG factors becoming an increasingly important part of investing, here’s how Seix’s leveraged finance, investment grade, municipal, and securitized credit teams apply such metrics.

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Doing Well by Doing Good

Sustainable and responsible investing via environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics has come a long way. Here’s how, and why that matters.

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Inflation Cheat Sheet

Puzzled about the direction of inflation? Here are some key facts, figures, and definitions, along with three factors that are pushing inflation up over the short term and over the long term.

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4 Key Trends in Emerging Markets and Companies that Could Benefit

Regional e-commerce and consumer companies are increasing market share by adapting to local preferences. Online gaming is no longer just for young boys – demographics are expanding by age and gender. As emerging markets evolve, investors can benefit from quality companies that are positioned to reap the rewards of these trends.

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z - Cover Image: Mid-Year Observations and Expectations from Joe Terranova

Mid-Year Observations and Expectations from Joe Terranova

“Since the S&P 500 Index hit an intraday bottom of 2191.86 on March 23, 2020, dispersion has prevailed. While it may be tempting to concentrate in certain equity sectors, the only sector that I would overweight is diversification.”

–Joe Terranova, Chief Market Strategist, Virtus Investment Partners

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Shades of Quality

Quality investing has many nuances. As the economy reopens, Vontobel is focusing on what may be most relevant for stock selection and avoiding shades of quality.

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The Power of Disruption

Chris Armbruster, portfolio manager with Kayne Anderson Rudnick, discusses the prevalence of innovative disruptors in the mid-cap segment and the growth opportunity for long-term investors.

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Inflation Roundtable

Portfolio Managers from select Virtus affiliates and subadvisers share their latest thoughts on the prospects for inflation and how certain asset classes may help protect portfolios in an inflationary environment.

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Joe Terranova

1Q21 Capital Markets Discussion with Joe Terranova

On a recent call with advisors, Joe Terranova provides his observations on capital markets. Discussion topics include: thoughts on deploying capital at current equity valuation levels; potential sustainability and durability of the economic expansion; prospects for inflation and how to construct portfolios in light of a possible inflationary environment.

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Semiconductors: A Coming of Age Story

Vontobel’s research team takes a close look at the history and evolution of the semiconductor industry, what’s appealing about the industry today, and the global opportunities it represents for long-term quality growth investors.

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Rather be Lucky than Good

Successful investing over time is not a game of luck. It requires discipline and skill. Vontobel Asset Management considers stocks of fast-growing yet unprofitable and highly valued companies and other signs of market exuberance amid rising economic uncertainty that warrant attention.

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A Prudent Approach to Navigating China’s Equity Markets

Chinese equities can offer an exciting and dynamic opportunity, but investors must navigate a complex regulatory environment and quickly changing competitive dynamics. In Vontobel’s view, challenges in China’s A-shares universe – shorter track records and limited transparency – can be managed. Learn how Vontobel’s research helps uncover high-quality companies in China with enduring profitability and growth.

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Where is Your Umbrella?

Some of today’s high-flying stocks have disproportionately benefited from a fall in interest rates. Others include “story” stocks whose business models are yet unproven. Vontobel Asset Management separates fact from fiction to help investors prepare for a rainy day.

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Fortune Favors the Bold

Emerging markets are widely considered to be the global economy’s growth engine. Yet, many investors only allocate a tiny percentage of their portfolios to EM. Vontobel’s study “Fortune favors the bold” shows that is set to change, revealing insights on how 300 professional investors around the world are planning to seek additional returns in emerging markets.

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Will Emerging Markets See the Light?

Over the past decade, the broad EM equity index has not kept pace with developed markets. This white paper from Vontobel Asset Management looks at why they believe emerging markets are poised to blossom again.

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ESG Scoring in an Imperfect World: Why We Rely on Our Own Proprietary System

Sustainable Growth Advisers (SGA) believes Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors have a meaningful impact on a company’s ability to generate long-term sustainable growth. This article discusses why the firm relies on its own informed judgment in determining the factors that contribute to ESG scores rather than rely on ESG ratings from third party research providers.

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A Drawdown Comparison to the Global Financial Crisis

According to Gregg Thomas, Director of Investment Strategy at Wellington Management, the market has been engaging most on companies that might not pass the "going concern" test in the face of the first real growth shock we’ve seen since the GFC, and that these companies are seeing a massive increase to their discount rates. Wellington’s definition of solvency looks at the relative distance to a default (similar to the model used by credit-rating agencies).

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