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The human mind was not optimized to make decisions about money. We share cognitive and emotional biases that can lead us astray. Virtus addresses different ways to transcend these hurdles and achieve better outcomes.

White Papers

z - Cover Image: Diversification Means Always Having To Say You're Sorry White Paper
Diversification Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry

If every piece of your portfolio is working really well, it means one of two things: you're incredibly lucky or you are not actually diversified.

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z - Cover Image: The Myth of Consistency
The Myth of Consistency

Winning over time doesn’t mean winning all the time.

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z - Cover Image: Taking Measure of the Markets
Taking Measure of the Markets

Making sense of the market means having perspective. We set the stage for thoughtful portfolio construction conversations with a look at a variety of factors impacting the market.

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