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The modern financial advisor must confront complex markets, demanding clients, changing team and firm dynamics, and a world defined by fast-moving change. Virtus is committed to helping drive better practice management.
The Myth of Consistency Image 2Q
The Myth of Consistency

So much effort in investing goes toward "identifying winners." In the world of actively managed mutual funds, we search for managers who can outpace their peers and beat the market.

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The Active Investor's Field Guide Image
The Active Investor's Field Guide

Recent financial innovations have created both a wealth of opportunity and an avalanche of complexity for investors. It has never been easier—or more overwhelming—to take investment risk. With complexity comes the need for simplification. How do investors cut through the noise and take control of their portfolios? This guide offers perspective on the so-called active and passive investing debate, with an eye toward prioritizing diversification, risk management, and investor behavior.

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z - Cover Image: What's Your Number?
What's Your Number?

There are four steps to calculating your "retirement number" - the number of dollars you most probably need as a sum of capital from which to draw a lifestyle-sustaining income without serious danger of running through the capital.

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z - Cover Image: Three Money Principles to Thrive By
Three Money Principles to Thrive By

With an unpredictable future, infinite information, and intense competition, success in the markets has never been more difficult.

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