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Brief and colorful insights focused on major market trends.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In each issue, we present one insight on a range of market, investment strategy, and behavioral topics. The 1000 Words Series is designed to provoke insightful and memorable conversations.

The Upside of Lower Downside

Investing may be simple, but it isn’t easy. We’re told to buy equities and hold them through good markets and bad. But few of us have the fortitude to calmly stay fully invested when prices are declining. When it comes to investing, your best offense is a great defense.

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Are Better Days Ahead?

History has shown that double-digit losses in equities have tended to be followed by periods of above-average performance. Having already suffered the decline, investors may be well-advised to stick around for the recovery.

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1,000 Words - The Spinning World

A globally diversified portfolio is important for those seeking strong investment performance. Diversification, however, is only effective when an investor is willing to own markets that have fallen “behind.”

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1,000 Words - Roller Coasters

Following the intense volatility of the great crisis in 2008-09, the bull market was mostly smooth sailing for a decade. The ebb and flow of volatility fits a broad historical pattern going back many decades. We do not know where the market will be tomorrow, next year, or next decade. Even so, investors should be respectful of long-standing market rhythms.

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1,000 Words - Odds Are

Trying to pick the best times to be in the market and when to be out is known as market timing. Unfortunately, trying to time the market to miss the lows means missing the highs too.

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Market leadership changes from year to year and predicting the winning style is impossible. These tables highlight the importance of diversification.