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Modern global capital markets are incalculably complex. However, we must still attempt to navigate them in order to achieve good financial outcomes. Virtus offers perspective on understanding markets more clearly.

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Brief and colorful insights focused on major market trends.
z - Cover Image: Vital Signs 2Q19: Running in Place

2019 Q2 Vital Signs: Running in Place

Staying invested whether the markets are trending up, down, or staying flat is easier said than done. A diversified portfolio of managers who seek to deliver a smoother ride may help keep you from getting exercised about market gyrations.

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z - Cover Image: Vital Signs: The Indexing Sugar Rush

2019 Q1 Vital Signs: The Indexing Sugar Rush

We’ve recently experienced a market in which the rising tide of global central bank easing has lifted virtually all boats. With everything going up regardless of price or quality, has diversification through active management lost its sheen? The rolling returns for the S&P 500 Index provide a crystal-clear illustration of the reality of market cycles.

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z - Cover Image: 4Q 2018 Vital Signs: The End of an Era: 2018 in Perspective

2018 Q4 Vital Signs: End of an Era - 2018 in Perspective

2018 marked the first down year for the U.S. equity market since 2008. The 2009-2017 stretch ties as the longest annual winning streak in market history. Until the fourth quarter, markets were buoyant, but political instability at home and abroad, rising interest rates, and a potential growth slowdown rattled global markets. Other than cash, all asset classes ranged between flat and down.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. In each issue, we present one insight on a range of market, investment strategy, and behavioral topics. The 1000 Words Series is designed to provoke insightful and memorable conversations.
z - Cover Image: 1,000 Words - Odds Are

1,000 Words - Odds Are

Trying to pick the best times to be in the market and when to be out is known as market timing. Unfortunately, trying to time the market to miss the lows means missing the highs too.

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Market leadership changes from year to year and predicting the winning style is impossible. These tables highlight the importance of diversification.