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z - Cover Image: Q2 2017: Cycling Through
Q2 2017: Cycling Through

The rally continues. In the first half of 2017, global markets extended their long streak of solid gains with limited volatility. Beneath the headline gains, however, market leadership changed periodically.

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z - Cover Image: Vital Signs - Q1 2017: Smooth Sailing, For Now
Q1 2017: Smooth Sailing, For Now

In Q1 the market experienced the longest streak of low volatility in over 30 years. An important question to ask ourselves now: What do we need to own in our portfolios that can provide diversification when volatility strikes again?

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z - Cover Image: VitalSigns_4Q2016_5182
Assets in Wonderland: 2016 in Perspective

Market insights on the performance of capital markets in Q4 and full-year 2016. From its March 2009 bottom through the end of 2016, the S&P 500 gained 291%. However, most investors did not capture such massive returns.

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z - Cover Image: Vital_Signs_Q3_2016_5127
Q3 2016: Walls of Worry

In Q3, global stock and bond markets steadily climbed “walls of worry.” We like higher asset prices, but market correlations have also increased sharply, making true diversification harder to achieve.

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z - Cover Image: Vital_Signs_Q2_2016_6987
Q2 2016: Lurching Forward

Equity markets have been following the path of one step back, two steps forward. Sharp market declines have been followed by quick recoveries.

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z - Cover Image: Vital_Signs_Q1_2016_6950
Q1 2016: Happy Birthday?

The S&P 500 may be "celebrating" the 7th year of a bull run, but it hasn't been the happiest of times for many asset classes. What's an investor to do?

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