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AllianzGI Global Sustainability SMA

Portfolio Overview

Investment Objective

  • To generate competitive financial returns over the long term and have a positive and measureable impact on society
  • To identify high-quality companies considered best-in-class in both ESG practices and financial fundamentals

Investment Philosophy

We believe financial fundamentals and ESG performance as equally important investment criteria. Companies should exhibit high quality and growth characteristics, at an attractive valuation. At the same time, they should demonstrate a clear commitment to maintaining and improving their ESG performance.

Investment Partner

Allianz Global Investors U.S. LLC

At Allianz Global Investors, active is the most important word in our vocabulary. Active is how we create and share value with clients. We believe in solving, not selling, and in adding value beyond pure economic gain. We invest for the long term, employing our innovative investment expertise and global resources. Our goal is to ensure a superior experience for our clients, wherever they are based and whatever their investment needs.

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Investment Professionals

Gunnar Miller

Gunnar Miller

Director of Research and Portfolio Manager, Thematic Equities

Industry start date: 1987

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Robbie Miles

Robbie Miles, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Thematic Equities

Industry start date: 2010

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Risk Considerations

Market Volatility: Local, regional, or global events such as war, acts of terrorism, the speed of infectious illness or other public health issues, recessions, or other events could have a significant impact on the portfolio and its investments, including hampering the ability of the portfolio manager(s) to invest the portfolio's assets as intended.

Issuer Risk: The portfolio will be affected by factors specific to the issuers of securities and other instruments in which the portfolio invests, including actual or perceived changes in the financial condition or business prospects of such issuers.

Equity Securities: The market price of equity securities may be adversely affected by financial market, industry, or issuer-specific events. Focus on a particular style or on small or medium-sized companies may enhance that risk.

Foreign Investing: Investing in foreign securities subjects the portfolio to additional risks such as increased volatility, currency fluctuations, less liquidity, and political, regulatory, economic, and market risk.

Sustainable Investing: Because the portfolio focuses on investments in companies that the Manager believes exhibit strong environmental, social, and corporate governance records, the portfolio's universe of investments may be smaller than that of other portfolios and broad equity benchmark indices.