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Five Ways to Diversify a 60-40 Portfolio

A look at how adding Convertibles, Preferreds, Real Estate, Event-Driven, and Managed Futures strategies can help drive your portfolio.

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Destocking Your Portfolio

Why investors concerned about stock valuations and volatility may want to consider equity alternatives like convertible and high yield bonds.

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Addressing Sequence of Return Risk

A decline early in retirement can have a big impact on the value of one’s nest egg. It means having to draw down a larger portion of one’s portfolio to meet income needs, while a decline that occurs later might be less hazardous to one’s wealth. Adding convertible bonds, high yield bonds, and dividend-paying equities may provide downside mitigation during major equity market downturns.

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Addressing Longevity Risk

With more people living longer than ever, the challenge will be to not run out of money, as the need for monthly income grows. Rising health care expenditures add another dimension to longevity risk.

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z - Cover Image: Navigating Financial Repression for Better Retirement Income Planning

Navigating Financial Repression for Better Retirement Income Planning

Between lower-for-longer rates, rising inflation, negative real yields, and rising equity volatility, investors should re-think their nest egg allocations.

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Why Investors Have Convertibles in Their Portfolio

Convertible securities historically have provided returns competitive with equities, but with lower volatility.

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Longevity vs. Liquidity

Between chronic low rates, wariness about owning equities, rising inflation, and longer life expectancy, investors planning for retirement may want to make an income and growth fund a core holding.

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Preferred Securities: The Overlooked Fixed Income Alternative

Explore five reasons why the market has quadrupled since 2005: the potential for high income, good relative value, diversification, a tax advantaged rate, and managing interest rate risk.

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The Long and Winding Road to Wealth

As children, we’re taught that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Many expect investing to be the same, with high and consistent returns bringing you from point A (starting out) to point B (wealth). But markets don’t operate in the same realm as the physical world. There is no straight line when it comes to risky investments. Instead, the road to wealth is a long and winding one – two steps forward, one step back – repeated indefinitely.

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