By Ben Carlson
A Wealth of Common Sense

This is a new phenomenon in recent decades for long duration bonds. Before interest rates finally started to rise of late, long-term bonds were in the midst of one of the greatest bull markets of all-time.

Long bonds have gotten crushed in recent years, but they were on a ridiculous run prior to the current cycle of high inflation and rising rates. In the 25 years ended in March of 2020, long-term bonds had better annual returns than the S&P 500® Index—8.2% to 8.0%—and they did so with one-third less volatility. Long bonds also outperformed U.S. stocks in the nearly 30 year period starting in 1981 and ending in February of 2009—10.6% to 9.2%.

Most of the time stocks beat bonds over the long run, but not always.

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