Retirement & Investment Calculators

Retirement Calculators:

Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator

Traditional IRAs offer tax-deferred earnings and tax-deductible contributions. Roth IRAs offer tax-free earnings, but contributions are not deductible. Use this calculator to compare both options.

Retirement Spending Calculator

How much money could I withdraw each month? Compute how much you may be able to regularly withdraw from your savings account before it is depleted.

Investment Calculators

Investment Analysis Calculator

What is the yield on my portfolio? Use this calculator to compute the before and after tax yield for an investment with up to 9 trading activities.

Compound Savings Calculator

How much could I save over time? Use this calculator to compute the total amount you would be able to save with monthly deposits.

Savings Goal Calculator

How much should I save each month? Use this calculator to compute the monthly deposit amount needed to reach a savings goal.