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Why It’s Time to Add High Yield Bonds

High Yield spreads widened significantly over the course of 2022, making high yield valuations more attractive.

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The Case For A Short Duration High Income Strategy

Shorter duration high yield bonds may help investors maximize income at lower levels of volatility.

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The Case for Multi-Sector Investing Remains Strong in the Current Environment

In a volatile market, an active multi-sector fixed income strategy may help generate overlooked yield opportunities while avoiding poorly performing credits.

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Credit Selection Still Key For Loans

Loans remain a compelling option for investors seeking inflation and rate hike protection – but higher interest rates, which have historically led to slowed economic growth, means careful credit selection will be critical to help sidestep more vulnerable segments of the market.

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The Road is Long – Navigating through Inflation and Future Uncertainty

Central banks must temper inflation at a time of geopolitical crisis, historically high valuations, slowing economic growth, declining equity markets, and a flattening yield curve. Quality growth stocks, relative winners during past periods of persistent inflation, can be a portfolio stabilizer in challenging times.

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