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Newfleet Asset Management
Oil Prices and the High Yield Market

Newfleet offers their views on the oil situation.

Newfleet Asset Management
Another Fed-Led Emerging Markets Crisis Ahead?

Six reasons why we don’t believe the Fed will cause another EM crisis.

Newfleet Asset Management
Interview with Dave Albrycht


Newfleet Asset Management
EM Debt Update: September Resets Valuations

Newfleet’s monthly EM debt recap: September challenges create value in the sector.

Newfleet Asset Management
The Newfleet Philosophy

Newfleet’s cornerstone philosophy emphasizes relative value across the fixed income market.

Newfleet Asset Management
Fed Funds Futures: Rate Hike Probability Moves Forward

Newfleet blog highlights fed funds futures, rate hike probability.

Newfleet Asset Management
EM Debt Summer Moderation, Still Strong YTD

Newfleet offers a late summer update on the EM debt market.

Newfleet Asset Management
Bank Loan Market Update

Newfleet blog update offers comments on the bank loan market, highlights strong fundamentals.

Newfleet Asset Management
Newfleet Mid-Year Market Insights (Audio)

Stephen Hooker, Newfleet’s head of foreign research, talks inflation, interest rates, and his biggest second half concern.

Newfleet Asset Management
Newfleet Reaction to U.S. Sanctions on Russia

Newfleet Asset Management comments on yesterday’s U.S. sanctions on Russian.

Newfleet Asset Management
Positive Returns Continue for EM Debt

Streak of positive returns continues in June for emerging markets debt – Newfleet reviews the data.

Newfleet Asset Management
EM Debt Update - Another Strong Month of Returns

EM debt posts another strong month in May; get sector details and insights in Newfleet’s latest blog.

Newfleet Asset Management
EM Sovereign Debt Producing Market Leading Returns


Newfleet Asset Management
Loan Market Observations

Newfleet’s latest blog offers timely observations, continued support of the bank loan market.

Newfleet Asset Management
Consider Correlation When Interest Rates Rise

Consider correlation within fixed income when interest rates rise.

Newfleet Asset Management
All Fixed Income Sectors Are Not Created Equal

Will they or won’t they? Last week, Federal Reserve Chair Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee the central bank’s plans to keep interest rates low for some time, yet minutes from the Fed’s January meeting reveal internal debate about whether the timetable to raise short-term rates should be sooner rather than later.

Newfleet Asset Management
Outlook Favorable for Bank Loans: Quality is Key

In 2013, floating rate bank loans demonstrated a healthy resilience to interest rates during a volatile year for fixed income.

Newfleet Asset Management
Bank Loans: A Stable, Long-Term Total Return History

Newfleet blog focuses on long-term total return history of bank loan market

Newfleet Asset Management
With Bank Loans Near Par, Have They Lost Their Value?

Bank loans proved to be very resilient during this summer’s Treasury volatility and remain a leading fixed income sector for the year, returning 3.53% through September (S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Index).

Newfleet Asset Management
Demand for Corporate Issuance Remains Strong

From our multi-sector vantage point, we continue to see very large corporate bond offerings come to market that not only fill, but are oversubscribed.

Newfleet Asset Management
May Yields Spike, Now What?

Yields on the 10-year U.S. Treasury spiked 54 basis points during the month of May. Today (June 3), the 10-year sits at approximately 2.18%.

Newfleet Asset Management
Emerging Markets Debt Remains Attractive

The emerging markets (“EM”) debt asset class is an approximately $2.5 trillion market – twice the size that it was in 2008, and twice the size of the U.S. high yield market today.

Newfleet Asset Management
Mispricing of Interest Rate Risk Adds to Bank Loan Sector’s Yield Appeal

In our view, interest rate risk deserves as much attention as credit risk when investing in fixed income markets. Investor demand for yield and, in the case of investment grade corporate bonds and Treasuries, “safety” has driven bond prices to all-time highs and yields to corresponding lows.

Newfleet Asset Management
Leveraged Loans

Leveraged loans to finance dividends have doubled this year.

Newfleet Asset Management
Barclays US Treasury Index

Barclays US Treasury Index is yielding 0.91% with duration of 5.5 years.

Newfleet Asset Management
Focus On QE3

What is QE3?

Newfleet Asset Management
How the Fed’s Rate Announcement Relates to Senior Floating Rate Bank Loans

The Fed expects to keep short term rates near zero until at least mid-2015.

Newfleet Asset Management
Fixed Income Q&A with Newfleet’s CIO


Newfleet Asset Management
Finding Value in Fixed Income – Part II

As multi-sector fixed income investors, we have a large team of sector specialists whose job is to uncover opportunities in their sectors.

Newfleet Asset Management
Finding Value in Fixed Income – Part I

As deep value investors, we look for opportunity across all 14 sectors of the bond market, which, in aggregate, adds up to about $22 trillion – five times the size of the equity markets.

Newfleet Asset Management
Outlook positive for bank loans

Bloomberg recently reported that investors poured $729 million into U.S. floating rate bank loan funds in April, based on preliminary data from research firm EPFR Global – the largest inflows to the sector in 11 months.

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