Online Account Information: Browser Requirements

System Requirements

The online account website has several browser requirements, explained below, which are necessary for you to use the site to access your account information.

Web Browsers

  • Chrome 63 and above
  • Microsoft Edge 17 and above
  • Firefox 66 and above
  • Safari 12 and above 

Mobile Browsers

  • Safari 12 and above
  • Chrome for Android 63 and above
  • Chrome for iOS 63 and above
  • Firefox for Android 81 and above
  • Firefox for iOS 29 and above

If your browser is not listed above, results and functionality may be limited.


Some company computers and/or browsers have strict security enforcement over web fonts and therefore block their use. Web fonts hosted by our domain should be considered a trusted source.

Required browser settings  

Many of the required browser settings for using our site are enabled by default when you install the browser, so you may not have to make any changes. If you have any problems using our site, ensure that cookies, privacy settings, style sheets, Java, and JavaScript are enabled for your browser.

This site adheres to 128-bit or higher encryption.