Tax Center: Form 5500

The Schedule C Report provides information to assist retirement plan administrators in gathering information for their completion of Form 5500 Schedule C. Most of the information that is required by the Form 5500 Schedule C Report is contained in the existing disclosure documents for the Virtus Mutual Funds located on such as the prospectus, statement of additional information and shareholder reports.  Additional information that may be needed to complete Form 5500 Schedule C Report for the Virtus Mutual Funds is available here. If you have any questions regarding the Schedule C Report, please contact us.

The attached disclosure document is not and shall not be deemed to constitute legal advice to pension plans subject to Form 5500 Schedule C Reporting obligations regarding compliance with ERISA reporting requirements and is only intended to furnish information to such plans to assist them in complying with the Form 5500 schedule C Reporting obligations.

The Schedule C Report is not intended to constitute an offer to sell securities or provide any disclosure required by securities laws. It is intended solely to assist plans in complying with Form 5500 Schedule C reporting obligations.