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Accent: Reuters KAR reprint

KAR Small-Cap Fund Recognized for a Decade of Strong Performance

The Virtus KAR Small-Cap Growth Fund is the subject of a Reuters feature highlighting the Fund’s strong performance over the last decade relative to all other stock mutual funds. Though currently closed to new investors, the fund remains open to defined contribution and defined benefit plans. Read the article for insights from the portfolio managers, Todd Beiley and Jon Christensen, who manage several small- and mid-cap portfolios at Kayne Anderson Rudnick.

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Pipeline - Accent

Lessons from Shale Oil – Clean Data is Critical for ESG

Getting trustworthy information from companies on ESG issues is a major challenge for investors. Obtaining clean data can influence the capital allocation decisions that will, in turn, shape the industries and economies of tomorrow. The U.S. shale oil industry is an unlikely inspiration on how third-party verification can improve companies’ transparency on critical environmental issues.

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Virtus Thought Leadership - Best of 2019

Virtus’ 2019 thought leadership content illustrates how trends are shaping the markets and ways to address them. You will find actionable insights on issues influencing the equity, fixed income, and alternative markets to inform client conversations and portfolio allocation decisions.

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Accent - Image - Newfleet 2020 Fixed Income Market Outlook

Newfleet 2020 Fixed Income Market Outlook

The sources of volatility that were present in 2019 will carry forward to 2020. Despite the challenges, Newfleet believes that fixed income spread sectors will continue to offer better value than U.S. Treasuries and other government-related debt.

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z - Cover Image: James Keegan and Perry Troisi featured in WealthManagement, “Credit Binge May Produce Quite a Hangover”

James Keegan and Perry Troisi featured in WealthManagement: “Credit Binge May Produce Quite a Hangover”

James F. Keegan is chief investment officer and chairman of Seix Investment Advisors. Perry Troisi is a managing director and senior portfolio manager at Seix. In WealthManagement’s Fixed Income Outlook 2020 (November 2019 edition), the two provide their views on the current credit binge that has led to a considerable deterioration in the overall quality of the investment grade corporate bond universe.

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z - Cover Image: Activate Your Fixed Income

Activate Your Fixed Income

Amid growing uncertainty, investors have shown greater interest in bond funds but must contend with a variety of risks as central banks around the world continue to implement unprecedented negative rate policies and the Federal Reserve remains accommodative. Here’s a guide to why active management matters.

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Accent Image - Microscope

Medicine, Politics, and Investing: Tensions Abound

More than immigration or the economy, healthcare is poised to be a central political fault line in next year’s presidential election. And, with the sector representing about 13 per cent of the S&P 500® benchmark stock index, as of July 31, the political situation will be keenly watched by investors.

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Accent Image_Skyscrapers

Emerging Markets for the Long Haul: The Small-Cap Opportunity

When it comes to investing in emerging market equities, long-term investors know that volatility is the norm, and that the asset class—particularly the small-cap segment— can be a long-term winner and an important component of a well-diversified portfolio, thanks to improving fundamentals and the potential for outperformance.

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z - Cover Image: 2019 3Q Vital Signs: What a Difference a Decade Makes

2019 Q3 Vital Signs: What a Difference a Decade Makes

Ten years may sound like “long term” investing, unless you’re talking about the 10 years ended September 30, 2019. Without the bear market of 2008-09 in your time frame, the view becomes incredibly rosy. A 20-year lookback provides much-needed perspective.

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Marbles - 440x440

Mid-Caps: At the Center of Attention

Explore the key attributes of mid-cap investing and the opportunities offered to investors, and use our interactive tool to see how an allocation to mid-caps may improve an equity portfolio’s performance and mitigate risk over time.

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z - Cover Image: Why \

Why “Home Bias” is Shortsighted

In today’s global economy, thriving companies aren’t bound by geography—not in where they are headquartered, nor in where they derive their income. Vontobel Asset Management discusses why investing beyond one’s own borders may benefit performance over the longer run. Also includes a brief discussion of the Virtus Vontobel Global Opportunities Fund.

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Accent - Treasury

Understanding Modern Monetary Theory

Amid concerns about rising debt, lower growth, declining rates, and easier money, an obscure and heterodox branch of economic theory is gaining traction. Here’s a guide to what investors should know.

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Bridge - Narrowing View - ACCENT

An Update on LIBOR

Newfleet Asset Management’s current view regarding the discontinuation of LIBOR, which is scheduled to happen at the end of 2021, and its potential impact on the loan market.

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Image_Chart_Yield Curve Inverting

Implications of the Yield Curve Inversion

The ten-year U.S. Treasury note yield recently fell below that of the two-year note for the first time since 2007. Should the yield curve stay inverted for an extended period, it is clearly a negative development for economic growth. Kayne Anderson Rudnick (KAR) believes the yield curve tends to be a more accurate forecasting tool than many economists or Wall Street strategists, and should prompt the Fed to extend rate cuts.

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z - Cover Image: Vital Signs 2Q19: Running in Place

2019 Q2 Vital Signs: Running in Place

Staying invested whether the markets are trending up, down, or staying flat is easier said than done. A diversified portfolio of managers who seek to deliver a smoother ride may help keep you from getting exercised about market gyrations.

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A Different Way Home - The Search for Growth

A Different Way Home

The search for attractive long-term growth is an evergreen quest for all investors. Finding that growth while also trying to avoid sharp market losses is an even more challenging task.

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NY Times Zevenberger - Accent

Virtus Zevenbergen Innovative Growth Stock Fund Featured in New York Times

In this New York Times article, portfolio manager Nancy Zevenbergen shares insights on her team’s strategy and some of their favorite long-term holdings of the Virtus Zevenbergen Innovative Growth Stock Fund. The Fund invests in well-run, high-growth companies across market caps, but small-caps were big contributors to the Fund’s first quarter performance.

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z - Cover Image: Vital Signs: The Indexing Sugar Rush

2019 Q1 Vital Signs: The Indexing Sugar Rush

We’ve recently experienced a market in which the rising tide of global central bank easing has lifted virtually all boats. With everything going up regardless of price or quality, has diversification through active management lost its sheen? The rolling returns for the S&P 500 Index provide a crystal-clear illustration of the reality of market cycles.

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z - Cover Image: Managed Accounts as a Retirement Plan Solution

Managed Accounts as a Retirement Plan Solution

Plan sponsors have a wide variety of investment solutions available to them in today’s retirement plan marketplace. This paper provides a framework for evaluating the potential benefits of including managed accounts as a complementary plan solution alongside participant-directed investments and target date funds.

Image - Duff & Phelps Symbol-No Text

Q4 MLP and Energy Infrastructure Market Review & Outlook

Plunging oil prices combined with a global market sell-off sent the midstream energy sector down over 17% in the fourth quarter of 2018 (as measured by the Alerian MLP Index), putting stocks dangerously close to their 2016 lows. Duff & Phelps’ Infrastructure Team assesses the events of the quarter and offers perspective on what’s ahead for 2019.

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z - Cover Image: 4Q 2018 Vital Signs: The End of an Era: 2018 in Perspective

2018 Q4 Vital Signs: End of an Era - 2018 in Perspective

2018 marked the first down year for the U.S. equity market since 2008. The 2009-2017 stretch ties as the longest annual winning streak in market history. Until the fourth quarter, markets were buoyant, but political instability at home and abroad, rising interest rates, and a potential growth slowdown rattled global markets. Other than cash, all asset classes ranged between flat and down.

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z - Cover Image: Leveraged Loans and High Yield Bonds: Hedging Inflation in Retirement Plans

Leveraged Loans and High Yield Bonds: Hedging Inflation in Retirement Plans

With inflation a growing concern, retirement investors may wish to consider an allocation to non-traditional inflation hedges like high yield bonds and leveraged loans which offer little to lower duration risk, respectively, and a low correlation to investment grade bonds, as well as other benefits.

Panel with Microphones - Hero

3Q18 CIO Insights – Panel Discussion [Audio Replay]

Chief Investment Officers at Virtus affiliate investment managers—Doug Foreman (Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management), Jim Keegan (Seix Investment Advisors), and Nathan Partain (Duff & Phelps Investment Management)—discuss market volatility, Fed policy, inflationary pressures, corporate earnings and revenues, the yield curve, and other timely and topical issues.

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Image - Duff & Phelps Symbol-No Text

Q3 Energy and MLPs Market Review & Outlook

Momentum from the second quarter continued into the third quarter for the energy space, as North American energy infrastructure stocks rallied hard in July and the first half of August, jumping 12.65% (as measured by the Alerian MLP Index).

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Vontobel Viewpoints: Trading in China A-Shares

Vontobel Viewpoints: Trading in China A-Shares

China continues to open its market to foreign investors. The recent addition of 236 large-cap China A-shares to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, among other MSCI indices, will lead to a significant increase in first-time overseas investors entering the Chinese A-share market. Vontobel Asset Management outlines how investors are able to get exposure to this opportunity.

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z - Cover Image: Vontobel Viewpoints: Brazil

Vontobel Viewpoints: Brazil – The Moment of Truth

Brazil has sold off as the market fears the country is in trouble. If the huge pension program is not reformed, it will add expense to a budget already in deficit. On top of this, there will be a new president elected in October. In Vontobel’s view, whichever government wins, it will have little choice but to reform.

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Image - Duff & Phelps Symbol-No Text

Global Listed Infrastructure Q&A with Duff & Phelps

In April and May 2018, members of Duff & Phelps’ Global Listed Infrastructure team traveled to Australia, New Zealand and Europe for investment research trips. Senior portfolio manager Connie Luecke, CFA, shares insights gleaned from site visits and meetings with management.

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z - Cover Image: Vontobel Viewpoints - Consumer Staples: Orphans or Heroes?

Vontobel Viewpoints - Consumer Staples: Orphans or Heroes?

Even when investors shun consumer staples companies and their stock prices underperform the market, Vontobel Asset Management is content to maintain meaningful positions in a select few quality staples stocks that fit their requirements. Their latest positioning paper explains why.

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Image - Duff & Phelps Symbol-No Text

REITs: The bid is back!

The Duff & Phelps Global Real Estate Investment Team comment on the positive pickup in deal activity in the industrial REIT space over the past month.

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z - Cover Image: Vontobel Viewpoints: Secular Growth Opportunities in the Global Payments Industry

Vontobel Viewpoints: Secular Growth Opportunities in the Global Payments Industry

The $1 trillion+ global payments industry represents tremendous secular growth opportunities. This research paper discusses how networks such as Visa and Mastercard have powerful competitive positions and represent durable franchises with the potential to reward their shareholders for many years. Also touches on: e-commerce opportunities, Asia’s competitive landscape, the regulatory environment, and the impact of cryptocurrencies.

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z - Cover Image: Vontobel Viewpoints: Less Taxing Times

Vontobel Viewpoints - Less Taxing Times

Vontobel Asset Management examines the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on U.S. corporations on a general level and specific to the high quality companies in which the firm invests.

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z - Cover Image: Seix - Pension Crisis - January 2018

Pension Crisis

Featured in Wealth Management’s 2018 Year-End Outlook edition, Seix examines unfunded pension liabilities, a key credit concern across municipal markets, and cautions muni investors to take notice.

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z - Cover Image: DPIM Market Review & Outlook

Virtus Viewpoints | Duff & Phelps Market Review & Outlook - Focus on Global Growth

Despite natural disasters, rising tensions with North Korea, dysfunction in Washington, and continued acts of global terrorism, global equity markets continued their steady upward movement in the third quarter, with the S&P 500® Index up 4.5%, the Europe STOXX® 600 Index up 2.8%, the Nikkei 225 Index up 2.2%, and the Hang Seng Index up 7.4%. For the S&P 500, it was the eighth straight quarterly advance.

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