Corporate Citizenship

We value being a responsible and involved corporate citizen that is active in our communities and environmentally responsible.

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Community Involvement

Responsible corporate citizenship is central to our philosophy. We and our employees have a rich history of philanthropic and community engagement activities that support the diverse needs of the communities in which we have a business presence.

Our philosophy of investing in our communities, which is integrated within our culture, includes corporate philanthropy, a matching gift program, and support for employee volunteerism.

We make a positive impact in the communities in which we do business through a multi-faceted program that supports corporate and employee investments in the community.

Priorities for corporate philanthropy include:

  • Education and Job Skills: Investing in the next generation of leaders through initiatives that support literacy and math education, provide job training and placement, and help people become self-sufficient;
  • Health Care: Contributing to organizations that provide quality health care to residents of our communities; and
  • Civic Responsibility: Supporting organizations that encourage the overall development, social well-being and economic prosperity of our communities.

We believe in being involved in our communities in more ways than the financial support we provide by partnering with organizations that make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. We encourage our employees to be active and engaged participants in their communities by volunteering with organizations that are important to them, and we support our employees with paid time off for their volunteer activities.

Environmental Awareness

Citizenship in the global community includes managing our activities to minimize our impact on the natural environment.

While our business operations have limited direct impact on the environment, we actively take steps to operate in an environmentally friendly manner to mitigate our impact where we can.

We employ environmentally conscious business practices that minimize our impact on the environment:

  • We have adopted office facility practices that include limiting energy consumption during off-peak hours, incorporating sensors and timers on lighting systems and low flow fixtures on plumbing systems, and mandated recycling programs in all offices in order to control energy and resource usage.
  • We actively promote paperless technology and monitor printer usage at the user level to minimize office waste and have invested in virtual technology that facilitates videoconferencing and remote work to reduce commuting and travel.