By Ben Carlson
A Wealth of Common Sense

Most of the time good things happen in the markets, but sometimes bad things happen.

The people who predict a crash every single year will be “right” eventually. The same is true for those who are constantly forecasting a recession.

But they will be wrong the majority of the time.

The stock market has been up roughly 75% of the time over one-year periods and nearly 97% of the time over 10-year time frames over the past 70+ years.

The U.S. economy has been in a recession 16% of the time since The Great Depression. That means 84% of the time, the economy has been expanding.

Most of the time things are going up but sometimes they go down isn’t nearly as sexy as predicting a historic stock market crash or the recession to end all recessions all the time.

But it’s far more helpful for people who actually want to make money on their investments.

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