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The ability of real estate owners to reprice and increase rents, provides REITs with characteristics that protect against inflation. At the same time, REITs today possess strong fundamentals while pricing at a discount to NAV, thus providing a compelling potential value investment opportunity. We believe that these unique factors – amid high inflation, increasing interest rates, and recession fears across equities markets – may make REITs a rare road to stability and compelling market performance.

Topics Covered:

  • REITs Performance in Inflationary Environments
  • REITs Performance in Periods of Rising Rates
  • REITs Performance Following Fed Tightening Cycles
  • REITs Offer a Diversified Property Mix with Unique Characteristics
  • Strong Fundamentals and Compelling Value Amid Recession Fears

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Equity Securities: The market price of equity securities may be adversely affected by financial market, industry, or issuer-specific events. Focus on a particular style or on small, medium, or large-sized companies may enhance that risk. Real Estate: The portfolio may be negatively affected by factors specific to the real estate market, including interest rates, leverage, property, and management. Industry/Sector Concentration: A portfolio that focuses its investments in a particular industry or sector will be more sensitive to conditions that affect that industry or sector than a non-concentrated portfolio. Foreign & Emerging Markets: Investing in foreign securities, especially in emerging markets, subjects the portfolio to additional risks such as increased volatility, currency fluctuations, less liquidity, and political, regulatory, economic, and market risk. Market Volatility: The value of the securities in the portfolio may go up or down in response to the prospects of individual companies and/or general economic conditions. Local, regional, or global events such as war, terrorism, pandemic, or recession could impact the portfolio, including hampering the ability of the portfolio's manager(s) to invest its assets as intended. Prospectus: For additional information on risks, please see the fund's prospectus.

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