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Managed Accounts

Separately managed accounts are portfolios that can be customized for individual client accounts. In a managed account, each investor owns their own securities compared to a mutual fund where all investors' money is pooled.

To learn more about our separately managed account (wrap) strategies, please select from the marketing pieces linked below.

Duff & Phelps U.S. REIT SMA

KAR Mid Cap Core SMA

KAR Small Cap Core SMA

KAR Small Cap Quality Value SMA

KAR Small Cap Sustainable Growth SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Core SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Quality Value SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Sustainable Growth SMA

Seix Intermediate Bond Wrap

Seix Core Bond Wrap

Seix Enhanced Bond Wrap

Seix High Yield Bond Wrap

SGA International Growth

SGA U.S. Large Cap Growth