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Retail Separate Accounts

Separately managed accounts are portfolios that can be customized for individual client accounts. In a managed account, each investor owns their own securities compared to a mutual fund where all investors' money is pooled.

To learn more about our separately managed account (wrap) strategies, please select from the marketing pieces linked below.

Duff & Phelps U.S. REIT SMA

KAR Mid Cap Core SMA

KAR Small Cap Core SMA

KAR Small Cap Quality Value SMA

KAR Small Cap Sustainable Growth SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Core SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Quality Value SMA

KAR Small-Mid Cap Sustainable Growth SMA

Seix Intermediate Bond Wrap

Seix Core Bond Wrap

Seix Enhanced Bond Wrap

Seix High Yield Bond Wrap

SGA Global Growth

SGA International Growth

SGA U.S. Large Cap Growth