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Educational resources designed to help investors put markets in perspective.

z - Cover Image: Minds Over Markets: A Behavioral Guide to Investing Brochure - DCIO

Minds Over Markets

This guide strives to help participants achieve better long-term financial outcomes. Its main message is that doing so is more about setting the right goals and controlling behavior than it is “beating the market.” We provide plenty of historical perspective on markets but only in the service of confronting investors’ natural tendencies to make poor decisions about money.

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z - Cover Image: Missing the Best Days in the Market is Costly

Missing the Best Days in the Market is Costly

Trying to time the market to miss the lows likely means missing the highs too. Investors who stay on the sidelines and miss the best trading days have the odds stacked against them.

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z - Cover Image: Inflation: The Silent Spoiler

Inflation: The Silent Spoiler

Over decades of investing, inflation can erode an investor’s buying power slowly—but surely—even when the figures appear small.

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z - Cover Image: The bond see-saw

The Bond See-Saw

Exploring the inverse relationship between interest rates and bond prices.

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z - Cover Image: Reality of Risk

The Reality of Risk

Generally, there is a linear relationship between risk and return, but not always.

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z - Cover Image: Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters

Investing in the stock market is like a roller coaster: volatility—the ups and downs—is inevitable over the long run.

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z - Cover Image: The Marathon of Investing

The Marathon of Investing

Long-term investors must be prepared to endure significant market declines and periods of intermittent volatility.

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